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People should check if these incentives are obtainable, and take advantage of them as a real way to save money and also earn better health. Lindberg said that many health plans have pre-enrollment phone lines people can call if they have questions, and several also give support through online tools, including cost comparison tools. Below are a few suggestions from CIGNA to help make open enrollment less difficult: Know when open enrollment begins and understand the enrollment deadline.It is one of the first studies to consider both environmental and genetic influences on children’s readiness for college. The researchers examined 420 pairs of 5-year-old twins, assessing the small children on four measures of classes readiness that included identifying colors and shapes; answering questions about spatial position , relative size , and order ; identifying counting and numbers; and identifying letters and writing. Two years later on, the children’s teachers were asked to rate the school achievement of 237 pairs of the twins.