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Professor Dixon says the nippers program which aims to motivate and prepare children to do something safely on beaches in fact fails to promote protection against the most dangerous factor – the sun and he says this is irresponsible as while browse safety is vital, skin cancer kills even more on our seashores and should be a fundamental facet of safe seaside and surf behaviour. Professionals say Australians aged 12 to 24 will contract melanoma than any various other cancer and it is approximated that as many as 50,000 children aged between 5 and 13 be a part of nipper programs around the country during summer.The first-of-its-kind study viewed whether America’s thirst for soda speeds up the way the body’s cells age. Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, used an example of 5,300 healthful adults. We believe we can get away with drinking plenty of soda provided that we aren’t gaining weight, said Elissa Epel, who worked on the analysis for five years. But this suggests that there is an invisible pathway leading to accelerated aging, regardless of weight. Epel’s team found that in individuals who drank more sugar-sweetened beverages, the ends of their chromosomes, referred to as telomeres, had been shorter. The shorter the telomere, the less a cell can regenerate, aging the physical body system and raising the chance of disease and early loss of life.