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They state to truly have a monopoly in science.

Remember the ad, ‘Even more doctors smoke cigarettes Camels than any various other cigarette’? That is the same kind of sector propaganda that’s pressing vaccines today. Have a look at this astonishing Big Tobacco advertisement from 1953 that promises ‘scientific evidence’ proves cigarette smoking is usually harmless! Here’s the written text of the advertisement: NOW. Scientific Proof on Ramifications of Smoking!A medical specialist is making a normal bi-monthly study of a combined group from several walks of life.There’s quite convincing evidence given that the offspring of older dads have an increased risk of a range of mind disorders like autism and schizophrenia and maybe even somewhat lower IQ, study writer Dr. John McGrath, a researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia, told Australia’s ABC Science. For the study – released in the August 30 problem of Translational Psychiatry – scientists compared the DNA of offspring from previous and young mice. They discovered six genetic mutations in mice born to older males not within those born to more youthful males. The researchers estimate these mutations may be passed on to one in every six to seven offspring born to an older dad.