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The worlds most widely used anti-diabetic medication.

Cells use the reactive oxygen particles to their advantage before they can do any damage, explains Wouter De Haes. Metformin causes hook increase in the number of dangerous oxygen molecules. We found that this makes cells more powerful and extends their healthful lifespan. It had been long thought that dangerous reactive oxygen molecules had been the trigger of ageing. The food and cosmetics industries are quick to emphasise the ‘anti-ageing’ characteristics of products including antioxidants, such as skin creams, fruit and vegetable juices, red wines and chocolates. But while antioxidants do in fact neutralise harmful reactive oxygen molecules in the cell, they in fact negate metformin’s anti-ageing results because the drug relies entirely on these molecules to function.Calibr’s innovative discovery system in fibrosis represents an opportunity to develop fresh treatment approaches for individuals. Progressing our small molecule anti-fibrotic plan toward the clinic represents a critical part of our mission to deliver therapies for unmet medical must patients, said Peter G. Schultz, Ph.D., Institute Founder and Director of Calibr. We are delighted to accelerate these attempts by partnering with Bristol-Myers Squibb. Calibr, an independent, not-for-profit business set up to accelerate the translation of fundamental biomedical discoveries into innovative new medicines, brings to the collaboration substantial knowledge in optimizing and identifying little molecules with anti-fibrotic activity through its high-throughput screening, target identification, and preclinical drug discovery infrastructure.