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Sensitive and multiplex recognition of common NPM1 mutations.

‘As a co-special licensee of the Trovagene NPM1 technology, we have been enabled to supply a commercial answer for NPM1 testing,’ stated Rollie Carlson, President of Asuragen.’.. Asuragen announces outcomes of research evaluating RNA-based assay for recognition of common NPM1 mutations Asuragen, Inc. Announced today the outcomes of a collaborative research with researchers at Johns Hopkins University College of Medication evaluating a RNA-structured assay for the speedy, sensitive and multiplex recognition of common NPM1 mutations.Another president should establish a domestic science-centered PEPFAR that could create a national technique to eradicate HIV/AIDS in the home, the authors create. They added that such an idea should provid[e] required funding to increase research; implement evidence-based prevention programs that focus on vulnerable groups; address problems of stigma, discrimination and poverty; and improve usage of lifesaving treatments and health care to eradicate HIV/Helps. The authors conclude that a national strategy that mobilizes all sectors of our society to fight HIV/AIDS coupled with continuing global expense and leadership, implies that 1 day people might have to turn to the history books to learn there ever was an illness called Helps .