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Published in this months problem of Pediatrics.

Children vulnerable to toxic effects of camphor-containing products Inappropriate usage of camphor-containing products might be a common and underappreciated reason behind seizures in young children, according to a fresh study by researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University. The study, published in this month’s problem of Pediatrics, calls for efforts to educate communities about the hazards of camphor and to crack down on illegally marketed camphor products. Camphor – a naturally occurring waxy material with a strong, aromatic odor, found in solid wood of the camphor laurel tree – is found in many consumer products citrate .

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The researchers also analyzed the prevalence of aggressive behavior, antisocial personality disorder and negative feelings among the same participants between the age groups of 21 and 26. Antisocial personality disorder, more commonly referred to as sociopathy or psychopathy, is certainly a condition characterized by an inability to empathize with others and is normally strongly associated with antisocial and criminal behaviors including compulsive lying, theft, property violence and destruction. Unrelated to other risk factorsThe researchers found that individuals who watched more Television as kids were also more likely to be convicted of a crime as adults. In fact, for each hour of TV that a child watched on the average week night, their risk of conviction improved by 30 %. The link found between violent criminal convictions and Television viewing disappeared; however, after experts adjusted for potential confounding elements.