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Probing deeper into how such recollections form.

Unfortunately, that models a vicious cycle in motion, because the stronger her memory space of discomfort, the worse her performance anxiety is likely to get. Related StoriesInner hearing damage brain warnings from nerve cellsDiagnosing traumatic human brain injury through a blood check: an interview with Dr KorleyLoyola doctor provides ideas to alleviate back-to-school anxiousness in childrenThe UW-Madison researchers found that two key parts of the mind – the amygdala and the hippocampus – become activated whenever a person is anticipating a hard situation. Scientists think the amygdala is usually linked to the formation of emotional memories, while the brain is helped by the hippocampus form long-term recollections, Nitschke says.Related StoriesNUS experts develop new strategy to observe nano-bio interactionsNorthwestern University receives $11.7 million NCI grant to use nanotechnology for cancer treatmentsSAGE partners with The Katie Piper Foundation to release journal Scars, Burns & HealingThe authors advocate creating a new ‘universal aerosol monitor’ with the capacity of providing detailed info on the nature of airborne engineered nanomaterials to which people are uncovered. Maynard, Aitken and 12 other experts included development of such a versatile measurement device among five grand problems that they seen as essential to reaching the safe handling of nanotechnology within an content that appeared in the November 16, 2006 issue of the journal Nature.