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One has to be hydrated accurately to remain safe from all dangerous ailments and diseases.

Using its countless health benefits water has great function in our life. It’s the only nutrient that’s responsible for proper functioning of each and every right part of the body. Detoxification may be the other major benefit of water. Unless you drink requisite amount of water you may become victim of constipation and that can make you suffer a lot. So if you desire to live a wholesome life without ailments and disorder beverage water up to the minute. Download Drink Water Reminder & Tracker, free water app – on appstore that remind you to water your body after regular time interval.The issuance of the Mexican patent follows the prior issuance by the United States Patent and Trademark Office of the patent numbered 8691836, covering a similar set of broad statements. ‘The issuance of the patent in Mexico, moreover in the USA marks a substantial milestone in establishing expanded intellectual real estate protection for our business lead compounds’ mentioned Roger Whiting, Ph.D., President and CEO of Altos Therapeutics. These compounds are being developed to meet up unmet clinical requirements in conditions in which D2 and D3 dopamine receptors have already been shown to play key roles.