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Making them experience more romantic.

Researchers at the University of Michigan also discovered that watching darker films, like the Godfather acquired the contrary aftereffect of dampening those emotions. One viewed a romantic picture from The Bridges of Madison County , another group watched portions of The Godfather Component II , while a third group watched a documentary on the Amazon rainforest. Each group experienced hormonal levels tested instantly before, after and 45 minutes after viewing the thirty minutes of tape. Related StoriesStudy: Women and men with autism perform in a different way on 'Reading the Mind in the Eyes' testTestosterone therapy not connected with increased risk of aggressive prostate malignancy: StudyStudy displays restoring testosterone creation in men does not effect their fertilityClint Eastwood do nothing at all for women’s testosterone amounts in The Bridges of Madison County .Biomonitoring studies such as this are useful tools for obtaining exposure information, which can be coupled with other scientific methods to advance public health. That said, the association urges caution when interpreting biomonitoring studies. Thanks to developments in analytical chemistry, experts can measure extraordinarily low degrees of organic and man-made chemicals in human liquids and tissues – often as little as one component per billion . Of course, wellness researchers know that the easy presence of an environmental chemical in someone’s body does not imply that it’ll cause health effects or disease.