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Exclusive breastfeeding appears to improve childrens cognitive development.

A total of 7,108 moms and infants who visited facilities promoting breastfeeding and 6, 781 moms and infants who visited control services received follow-up interviews and examinations between 2002 and 2005, when the young children were an average of 6.5 years old. Moms who visited a facility promoting breastfeeding were much more likely to feed their infants just breast milk at age group three months and at all ages through 12 months. At age 6.5, the small children in the breastfeeding group scored an average of 7.5 points higher on tests measuring verbal intelligence, 2.9 points higher on tests measuring nonverbal intelligence and 5.9 factors higher on tests measuring overall intelligence.Breasts milk jewelry Keepsakes created from a most uncommon material can be found on Couple of issues polarize mothers more than breast-feeding, and all things related to breast-feeding, so wearing processed breasts milk around the throat or in a bracelet has ignited some passions. The jewelry, on sale at the handmade marketplace Etsy, is certainly not for article writer Ashley McCann, 34, in Naples, Fla.