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Canadian doctor: Dutch health care system could work in U.

Canadian doctor: Dutch health care system could work in U.S. Kaiser Health News features an interview with Dr. Robert Ouellet, the recent past president of the Canadian Medical Association, who lately participated in a fact-finding objective to five European countries to learn ways to improve the Canadian program. What he found, he said, may possibly also present lessons for america . A related KHN story reports on a recent research examining how U.S. Health care compares with that of various other nations. Canada’s health care system often numbers in the debate about overhauling the U.S.Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the federal agency that sponsored the scholarly study. A recently available study of allergies in infants found about 11 % of allergic reactions to foods such as milk, eggs and peanuts had been triggered intentionally by parents exposing their kids to the allergen to see how allergic they were, or if they had outgrown it. The treatment did not work for everybody however, and some dropped from the study because of allergies.