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Can pen and paper help make electronic medical records better?

The pink cards had been passed along to the physician to alert him or her to elevated blood pressure. The study, which was descriptive in character, didn’t speculate on whether this alert function could be performed equally as well by the electronic system. Noting that digital systems be capable of alert clinicians reliably and regularly, the study suggested that designers of the systems consider decreasing the entire number of alerts therefore clinicians don’t ignore them because of information overload. Authors of Exploring the Persistence of Paper with the Electronic Health Record furthermore to Dr. Saleem are Alissa L. Russ, Ph.D. And Connie F. Justice, CISSP of the VA INFIRMARY, Indianapolis and Indiana University, Heather Hagg, M.S of the VA Medical Center.; Patricia R.But provided that they pay up, they’re considered ‘great Americans’ who are taking part in medical care system. In the mean time, people like me who care for our own health, who place no burden on medical care system whatsoever, and who refuse to pay mandatory premiums into a corrupt health insurance industry are going to be threatened with arrest and imprisonment. This disturbing reality tells me that Obama, very much like Bush before him, has forgotten what freedom is. America has been turned into a medical police state where parents have their children stolen away by malignancy clinics , where chemical injections are enforced at gunpoint , and where unaffordable, inefficient and utterly ineffective ‘sick treatment’ is forced upon residents with or without their consent.