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Big Pharma looks to Africa for following growth marketplace as economies strengthen.

CSIRO has now been granted a patent for hairpin RNAi in Australia after the completion of both an opposition procedure and a re-examination by the Australian Patent Workplace. This follows the granting of similar patents to CSIRO in New and China Zealand. In another case in Australia, CSIRO was successful in opposing a patent application in the name of Syngenta Ltd, with broad promises to RNAi gene silencing. The opposition was recently resolved by withdrawal of Syngenta’s software. In a third case, two patents co-owned by CSIRO and Benitec Australia Ltd, were taken care of after re-examination.William says insulin pens are carried in purses or pockets easily. When insulin is necessary, the pens can deliver the drug in a less intrusive or conspicuous way in public than the syringe delivery that will require a needle and bottle of medication. It is a extremely discreet solution to deliver the drug, said Williams, adding that, because of the lack of stigma of using it, may encourage more people to provide themselves an injection when they absolutely need to take the drug. High resolution digital photos can be found by request.. Clinical picture of Asperger’s in adults Asperger’s syndrome does not only occur in children and adolescents, but is also diagnosed in adults.?).