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Barack Obama made clear there would be no torturing of terrorism suspects on his watch.

As president, one of the plain things Obama, the brand new commander-in-chief, was expected to do was to keep effective prosecution of the so-called Global War On Terror started Sept. 12, 2001. To do that would require action, not advertising campaign promises. And actions meant sticking with what worked. That is why, despite general public protestations and campaign-like slogans of ‘change,’ Obama utilized a presidential sleight of hands to disapprove torturing on U.S. Soil while granting the CIA authority to keep the practice in countries whose record on human rights abuses was already well-known. This is why the president, bowing the realities of office rather than the seductive sound bites of a marketing campaign, agreed to allow the continuance of all other Bush-era anti-terrorism CIA tactics which may be distasteful to the well-heeled elite but that are vital to protect the integrity and national security of the world’s most powerful democracy.Keeping his journalistic independence, Adams simply reviews on the true factors behind cancer and genuine cancers cures without any monetary involvement whatsoever in the merchandise he recommends. ‘While nonprofit cancer groupings gladly take cash from companies that benefit from cancer, I simply won’t accept hardly any money whatsoever from the merchandise that I would recommend for treating and preventing cancer,’ Adams said. ‘Readers have to know that my suggestions are made entirely predicated on merit, and unlike the cancer non-profit groupings operating today, I can’t be bought off with Big Pharma cash. I am right here to greatly help save lives, never to prop up the shareholder worth of some pharmaceutical business.’ The entire report, Breast Tumor Deception, is currently available at:.

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