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Artificial DNA breakthrough could lead to new drugs.

Artificial DNA breakthrough could lead to new drugs, treatments In what is being called a significant scientific breakthrough, researchers at the Scripps Research Institute say they created the first microbes containing artificial DNA here . It could not only alter the essential genetic code, the essential building blocks of life, but lead to fresh drugs and treatments also. Throughout history, there were four blocks in DNA in every organism on earth, CBS Information medical contributor Dr. David Agus said. . And for the very first time, they produced two new letters – so four letters to six letters to actually make DNA.

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Article in journal Research proposes new appearance on killer diseases The disease fighting capability protects from infections through the elimination of and detecting invading pathogens. Both of these strategies form the basis of conventional clinical approaches in the fight infectious diseases. In the latest issue of the journal Science, Miguel Soares from the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ci-ncia as well as Ruslan Medzhitov from Yale University College of Medication and David Schneider from Stanford University propose that a third strategy needs to be regarded: tolerance to infection, whereby the infected web host protects itself from disease by reducing tissue damage and other negative effects caused by the pathogen or the immune response against the invader.