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Are meals flavorings fueling the obesity epidemic?

‘Let me get people to be more aware of how they’re incentivized by flavors,’ he said. ‘These things is in not just junk food any longer. It’s in yogurt. It’s in soy milk. It’s in pasta sauces. It’s having an impact not just on us, but our children also.’ Finally, Schatzker argues that we need to start demanding actual flavor from the complete foods we consume. ‘We’ve got to start considering cooking dinner the way an Italian chef does. Get the best tomato, the very best tasting poultry. Cooking’s a lot more fun that method. It’s a lot more delicious, and it’s more satisfying.’ ‘The Dorito Impact’ is released by Simon & Schuster and continues on sale May 5...

Collagen injected meatballs! If your meat must be plumped up, try some collagen injections. Injecting meatballs with collagen can help the meat to retain the important nutrition thiamine and iodine, a fresh study by researchers from the Agricultural University of Poznan in Poland shows. During the processes of storing and cooking food, pork meatballs tend to lose a share of iodine and thiamine. Adding collagen fibre or collagen hydrolysate saturated with potassium iodide to meat makes it more stable than potassium iodide introduced using iodized table salt.