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Anti-AIDS Gel Halves Infections Risk.

Anti-AIDS Gel Halves Infections Risk, Study Finds For the very first time, a vaginal gel has proved capable of blocking the AIDS virus: It cut in two a woman’s likelihood of getting HIV from an infected partner in a study in South Africa generic cialis click here . Scientists called it a breakthrough in the lengthy quest for a tool to greatly help women whose companions won’t use condoms. The results need to be confirmed in another study, and that level of protection may not be plenty of to win acceptance of the microbicide gel in countries like the USA, researchers say. But they are optimistic it can be improved. It’s the first time we’ve ever noticed any microbicide provide a positive result that scientists agree is true proof protection, stated Dr.

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But to safeguard against herpes, tenofovir must be topically put on the vaginal canal. 450 women who participated in the scholarly study were asked to apply the gel topically before and after sexual activity. Tenofovir-maker Gilead Sciences Inc., which was mixed up in scholarly study, hasn’t made a statement on its further development for the US market. The gel could take years to access the buyer market, researchers say. Genital herpes isn’t fatal, nonetheless it is painful and wrought with a heavy social stigma. About 20 % of sexually active adults world-wide have genital herpes, according to the World Health Organization. It could be pass on through skin-to-skin contact during sex, along with vaginal fluids and semen, even if neither partner shows the sores. The unexpected reduced risk of the herpes infection came from a 2010 trial executed in South Africa, which discovered that the risk was decreased by the gel of AIDS infection by 39 %..