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An MIT team shows that this phenomenon.

An individual gene can create multiple proteins sequences, depending on which exons are contained in the mRNA transcript, which bears instructions to the cell’s protein-building machinery. Two different types of the same proteins, known as isoforms, can have different, even completely opposite functions. For example, one proteins may activate cell loss of life pathways while its close relative promotes cell survival. Related StoriesNew RNA test of blood platelets can be used to detect area of cancerResearchers successfully restoration nerve cell damage in Alzheimer's dementiaResearchers important mechanism that may help drive back infection uncover, allergy and cancerThe researchers found that the sort of isoform produced is often highly tissue-dependent.Polyphenol and carotenoid contentIn addition to the powerful, natural antioxidant vitamin E, argan oil contains high levels of phenolic substances or polyphenols. These are a group of antioxidants that are found in plants naturally. Given that they help fight inflammation and promote healthful cell development while defeating free of charge radical formation, they are a powerful weapon against aging truly. They are able to help keep the locks and skin clean and supple by keeping the cells more youthful and healthier. Carotenoids are organic antioxidants also. These nutrients are known to work well in promoting healthy tissues. Also, they are known for their natural capability to help drive back UV damage and can even help to reduce its effect on exposed areas.

Bruker second quarter revenue increases 33 percent y-o-y to $401.2 million Bruker Company today reported financial results for the three and half a year ended June 30, 2011.